Free Online #ELT #CPD in August

Webinars and web conferences in August:

6 Aug EdmodoCon
Organized by: Edmodo
8-9 Aug Reading and Writing Conference
Organized by: TESL Toronto and BELTA
15 Aug Language Skills 2.0: Speaking – Margarita Berezyanskaya
Organized by: English Online Inc.
16 Aug Language Skills 2.0: Speaking – Margarita Berezyanskaya
Organized by: English Online Inc. (repeat session)
30 Aug Getting the most out of online video resources – Nik Peachey
Organized by: IATEFL

In-progress and upcoming MOOCs worth taking a look:

1 Jul – 31 Aug Summer EAL MOOC for newcomers to Manitoba
Organized by: English Online Inc. -> learning materials available for use and adaptation
20 Jul – 17 Aug iTDi Summer School MOOC for English Teachers
Organized by: iTDi
28 Jul – 22 Sep Learning to Teach Online
Organized by: University of New South Wales Australia
2 Sep – 12 Dec Open Knowledge: Changing the Global Course of Learning
Organized by: Stanford University


Finally, a couple of future ELT web conferences:

iatefl web conference 2014

 -> Call for Proposals open

Free Online #ELT #CPD in July

Some webinars:

13 Jul Stop-and-go simulations in intercultural training – Akos Gerold
Organized by: IATEFL BESIG
19 Jul The Lives of English Language Teachers – Barbara Sakamoto
Organized by: IATEFL
25 Jul Webquests and Task-based Teaching – Margarita Berezyanskaya
Organized by: English Online Inc.

And some MOOCs…

30 Jun – Aug 10 e-Learning Ecologies (on Coursera)
Organized by: Uni of Illinois (USA)
7 Jul – Sep 1 Developing a Research Project (on FutureLearn)
Organized by: Uni of Southampton (UK)
28 Jul -Sep 22 Learning to Teach Online (on Coursera)
Organized by: Uni of New South Wales (Australia)

Free Online #ELT #CPD in June

7 June A Call for Human Feel in Our Increasingly Blended World – Geoff Lawrence, Ph.D.
Organized by: English Online Inc.
7 June Professional Happiness in the field of ESL – John Sivell, Ph.D.
Organized by: English Online Inc.
8 June Teacher/Student PBLA Buy-in – Angela MacMichael
Organized by: Tutela
8 June 7 tools to help better organize your business English courses – Christina Rebuffet-Broadus
Organized by: BELTA
10 June Focus on global English – Richard Cauldwell, Katy Davies & Laura Patsko
Organized by: British Council
12 June How to move into language school management – Andy Hockley
Organized by: BELTA
13 June American TESOL Webinar – Shelly Terrell
Organized by: American TESOL Institute
14 June 2nd Web Conference: IATEFL LTSIG & TESOL CALL-IS
Organized by: LT SIG of IATEFL
16 June Collaborating in the Creating of Writing Rubrics for CLB S2 – Cheryl Howrigan & Rita Zuba-Prokopetz
Organized by: Tutela
18 & 20 June How to get students writing – Zarina Subhan-Brewer
Organized by: OUP
20 June American TESOL Webinar – Shelly Terrell
Organized by: American TESOL Institute
21 June ‘What’s hot, and what’s not in coursebooks?’ – Lindsay Clandfield
Organized by: IATEFL
20 & 21 June Web conferencing tools for e-Learning – Margarita Berezyanskaya
Organized by: English Online Inc.
24 & 26 June Why Critical Thinking in the Classroom is Critical – Lesley Koustaff
Organized by: OUP
25 & 27 June Solutions Speaking Challenge – Edmund Dudley
Organized by: OUP
27 June American TESOL Webinar – Shelly Terrell
Organized by: American TESOL Institute
1-30 June MOODLE MOOC 4
Organized by: Dr. Nellie Deutsch at IT4ALL

Free Online #ELT #CPD in May

3 May 1. Self-Discovery and Language Learning in the ESL Classroom and 2. rEALize15: Tune in!
Organized by: English Online Inc.
4 May Integrating Critical Thinking into Business English – John Hughes
Organized by: IATEFL BESIG
7 May Developing Essential Skills for Academic Success – Mike Boyle
Organized by: Macmillan English
8 May How to become an ELT Materials Writer – Karen Spiller and Sue Kay
Organized by: IATEFL MAWSIG
11 May All about feedback from students – Michael Griffin
Organized by: BELTA
13 May Surviving Academic Skills – Dr. Ken Beatty
Organized by: Pearson
23 May Flip Your Session with Open Access Resources  – Margarita Berezyanskaya
Organized by: English Online Inc.
24 May Flip Your Session with Open Access Resources (a repeat session)
Organized by: English Online Inc.
26 May Teaching Business English – Milka Stupar
Organized by: Tutela
24 May How to become a teacher trainer – Silvana Richardson
Organized by: British Council
31 May Motivation, Imagination and L2 Identity – Jill Hadfield
Organized by: IATEFL

Free Online #ELT #CPD Opps in April

In my corner of the world we are still experiencing sub-zero temperatures and daily blizzard warnings (ugh). In these conditions, nothing is better than a cuppa in hand and a good webinar to watch. Below is my PD lineup for April:

1-5 April 48th IATEFL Conference @iateflonline
Organized by: IATEFL/British Council
6 April Mini RSCON – The Future of Education
Organized by: Steve Hargadon
9-12 April Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference
11 & 12 April Teaching with Technology
Organized by: English Online Inc.
 16 April Using texts in the Business English Classroom
Organized by:
Macmillan English
23 April Devising Appropriate Tasks for Business English and ESP Courses
Organized by: IATEFL PL
25-27 April 7th Virtual Round Table Web Conference
Organized by: Heike Philp
26 April Best Practices in Teaching EAL (topics TBC)
Organized by: English Online Inc.

Curating my free online #ELT #CPD opps in March

9 March, 10 am CDT Corpora in the English Classroom
Presenter: Johan Strobbe
Organized by: Belgian English Language Teachers Association – BELTA
9 March, 10 am CDT Get Ready for the World Cup: Making Use of Football in the Business English Classroom
Presenter: Kirsten Waechter
Organized by: Business English SIG of IATEFL
10 March – 17 April Carpe Diem MOOC: Seize the Day – transform learning
Presenter: Gilly Salmon
Organized by: Swinburn University, Australia
11 March, 1 pm CDT A Focus on Materials Development
Presenters: Rachel Roberts and Adam Kilgarriff
Organized by: British Council
13 March, 5 am CDT Imagination and creativity? It’s all in the mind.
Presenter: Fiona Mauchline
Organized by: BBC and British Council
14 March, 7 pm CDT &
15 March, 10 am CDT
Language Skills 2.0: Writing
Presenter: Margarita Berezyanskaya
Organized by: English Online Inc.
22 March, 10 am CDT Onesies and selfies: keeping up-to-date with new English words and expressions
Presenter: Felicity O’Dell
Organized by: IATEFL
23 March, 9 am CDT Innovations in Learning Technologies for ELT
Presenter: Gary Motteram
Organized by: Learning Technologies SIG of IATEFL

As I curate my PD opps in any given month, I save them here EAL Instructors’ Conversations. Feel free to join the group and help me keep the list up-to-date.