I’ve been thinking about how to go about it for quite some time. I have seen other participant’s PLEs and they seem very detailed and well-thought out.

Since my favourite little e-tool is a wordle creator, I have used it to compile a list of ideas for my PLE. One thing is certain, I do not follow any linear pattern of learning. Whatever surrounds me becomes some sort of learning experience.

The word cloud may seem chaotic and yes, my learning is not organized and that’s how I like it. I have tried to organize it but it does not seem to work for me. I like picking things and moving in different directions building on what I have learnt so far. Perhaps a tree could represent better how I learn.


I’ve officially warmed up towards delicious. My first impression was not great so I started using AllMyFaves for its visual attractiveness. I still use it and love it. However, delicious has given me some wonderful insight into what other people have saved and recommended. I found fab websites for my TEAL purposes!

Hello world!

This is my first post… 10 minutes have just passed and I am still looking at ‘This is my first post.’

Ok. I suppose I would have never started it. Streaming thoughts on “paper” is not my cup of tea.

I enrolled in the course to learn new things so here I am.

The first week was about digital literacies and I still haven’t really written much on the subject. Here’s my word cloud then