My learning plan for the summer 2015

In my previous post, Mandarin Learning Challenge, I admitted to not having set goals for the learning challenge. I didn’t want to disrupt my informal learning process. I also wanted to see how far I could get without goals, so I went day-by-day and allowed the learning to happen organically, or not at all. It was a great adventure!

As I started writing this post, I looked for my unpublished notes on last summer’s learning goals. Here they are:

My Learning Plan for the Summer 2014

  1. Transcribe/review/translate two TED videos
  2. Practise blogging by posting an article weekly
  3. Learn French and Russian daily, 30 min each
  4. Get ready for 10K walk in September
  5. Participate in 2 MOOCs: Understanding Research Methods and Developing a Research Project

Out of the five goals, I achieved one: #4. Having practised weekly throughout the summer, in September last year, two colleagues and I went to Tres Herne, MB, and walked 10K.

So, one goal out of five equals 20%; 20% achieved of the set goals. I’m thinking to myself ‘not bad’ :)

What do I do this summer? Do I also go for five goals and hope or aim to achieve one? Let’s see.

  1. Transcribe/review/translate one TED video – love doing that and 1 video is quite doable in two months. I’ve done 4 videos so far
  2. Blog weekly (?) – I’d like to share my professional learning journey. There are so many interesting developments happening at work that I simply must find time to share with you here on my blog.
  3. Learn French and Mandarin – so this year I’m replacing Russian with Mandarin. To learn French I’m planning to use Duolingo and Speaky; for Mandarin – Memrise and Speaky. Nothing specific here, just learn a bit every day.
  4. Enjoy nature – I’ve joined a cycling group and will do weekly rides. I’m planning on taking my dogs for walks too. Summertime is so short in Manitoba!
  5. Write a paper with @mbjamieson Perhaps something to do with design patterns for diverse needs in an online environment.

OK, I’ll stop here at six goals; one more than last year. Perhaps I’ll achieve two this time :)

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