Curating my free online #ELT #CPD opps in March

9 March, 10 am CDT Corpora in the English Classroom
Presenter: Johan Strobbe
Organized by: Belgian English Language Teachers Association – BELTA
9 March, 10 am CDT Get Ready for the World Cup: Making Use of Football in the Business English Classroom
Presenter: Kirsten Waechter
Organized by: Business English SIG of IATEFL
10 March – 17 April Carpe Diem MOOC: Seize the Day – transform learning
Presenter: Gilly Salmon
Organized by: Swinburn University, Australia
11 March, 1 pm CDT A Focus on Materials Development
Presenters: Rachel Roberts and Adam Kilgarriff
Organized by: British Council
13 March, 5 am CDT Imagination and creativity? It’s all in the mind.
Presenter: Fiona Mauchline
Organized by: BBC and British Council
14 March, 7 pm CDT &
15 March, 10 am CDT
Language Skills 2.0: Writing
Presenter: Margarita Berezyanskaya
Organized by: English Online Inc.
22 March, 10 am CDT Onesies and selfies: keeping up-to-date with new English words and expressions
Presenter: Felicity O’Dell
Organized by: IATEFL
23 March, 9 am CDT Innovations in Learning Technologies for ELT
Presenter: Gary Motteram
Organized by: Learning Technologies SIG of IATEFL

As I curate my PD opps in any given month, I save them here EAL Instructors’ Conversations. Feel free to join the group and help me keep the list up-to-date.

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