OER for your Ear – Adapting Audio Material for Language Learning

Excellent blog post written by Glen Cochrane re: OER and authentic language learning materials for listening practice.

A Point of Contact

Here’s a post for this month’s ELTresearch blog carnival on Listening – for info click here.

Article:Using internet-sourced podcasts in independent listening courses: Legal and pedagogical implications

I chose this article, involving listening, because it brings up the issue of Open Educational Resources (OERs) that I find interesting and important. However, the article doesn’t quite get into the OER topic as much as I thought it would. I’ll provide a short summary of the article (in note form) and then some comments and suggestions of my own.

Podcasts and audio files have become popular in Language Learning (LL) because

  • Decreased cost (of internet, mobility, etc)
  • Increased access to content
  • Podcasts are good source of authentic language

Discussion arose out of designing a “Listening for Scientists” course for University level LLs

  • Students were weak in listening
  • Students has little time
  • No commercial material for specific content needs
  • Authentic materials…

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