Program Planning – Final thoughts

Program Planning is coming to an end – one more assignment to go. I really enjoyed the course!

One of the mandatory elements was keeping a blog and posting every week. Although coming from a self-directed environment makes me cringe at the thought of weekly assignments, I quite enjoyed reflecting every week on the readings. Okay, maybe it wasn’t every week but I did my best to reflect on each week’s readings either on the blog or in my head. I also appreciated learning the study material through other people’s eyes on their blogs – very enlightening experience. Using blogging as an instructional tool proved to be a great learning reinforcement strategy.

As someone who combines being a program planner, an instructional designer and an instructor in one person, I was able to stretch my mind during the course and see a bigger picture of the program planner’s job. My absolute favourite part of the course was making an instructional plan for my upcoming workshop. When it comes to new concepts that were new for me, they include involving various stakeholders and juggling the power dynamics of their involvement. Evaluating the program was also extremely useful as I had never thought there were so many potential opportunities for evaluations before, during and after the program planning and its delivery. Teachers talk about utilizing teachable moments (opportunities for learning that are not planned but arise as the lesson progresses); In program planning we can talk about moments when we re-evaluate what we are doing and adjust our program according to the needs of the participants.

To complete the CACE certificate I need to sign up for two more mandatory courses. I will miss the bloggers from this one! All the best to everyone! Huge thanks to our facilitator for her support and feedback all the way from Germany!

One thought on “Program Planning – Final thoughts

  1. Laurel says:

    A blog is a big commitment, but I like that it forces you to take the time to reflect, something I know myself, I don’t do often enough unless “forced too”. Congrats on having almost completed the CACE program and for your kind words.

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