Week 10

Having completed week 10, I am able now to identify different delivery formats and justify the appropriateness of a delivery format based on Caffarella’s seven factors. The organization I work for delivers learning online so none of the seven factors are obstacles that we cannot cope with. However, we do recognize the fact that online learning is not for everyone. If a local learner does not have a computer or feels they need teacher-driven motivation and deadlines, they are free to register for a f2f program elsewhere. When a pre-arrival newcomer to Canada from Egypt or Kazakhstan signs up for our courses, attends online classes despite different time zones and learns independently from our learning materials asking questions via Skype, we know that nothing beats online learning ;)


One thought on “Week 10

  1. jermanuel says:

    I am a distance education/online convert myself. What a fantastic tool! Initially, I wasn’t sure how I would fair because I’m so used to f2f learning, but after having done this course, I’m sure to take more course via online. It is great that you are able to offer classes through this format to immigrants before they arrive. I’m sure it really prepares them for their arrival – lessens the culture shock! Good luck on the assignment and your work.

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