Week 3 reflections

As I was working through Week 3 study materials, I learnt
about the three types of programs offered to adult learners: individual,
organizational and societal. I had never thought about the “end-user”
differences in goals; for some reason I only paid attention to the specific objectives of a
particular program and never seemed to notice the bigger picture. As it turns
out, this module really helped me zoom out and realize how big the context of a
program is. I can now identify whether the purpose of a program is one of individual, organizational or
social change.

The context of each of those three types of programs is
comprised of the stakeholders, who are involved in or
affected by the program course of action. There are primary and
secondary stakeholders; the latter being observers rather than active and
direct links to a particular program. I really liked that Jo-Anne’s Week 3 Reflections
included course participants’ families amongst the secondary stakeholders, as
they are too affected by an educational program workload. In fact, as I am
working on these reflections, my husband is dying to play his favourite
computer game and keeps reminding me I’ve been glued to the monitor far too
long today:)

The program that I am hoping to develop during this Program
Planning course will hopefully combine individual and social changes.

3 thoughts on “Week 3 reflections

  1. Jo-Anne Saunders says:

    Thanks for mentioning my blog and the comment I made about stakeholders. I felt the same as you when I read about the “wider context” of program planning. Up to now, I’d really only considered the individual and organizational aspect of programs. It’s interesting to think about the “bigger picture”. As our world seems to be shrinking more and more, I suppose it’s important to consider the broader effects of programming. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog.

  2. Laurel says:

    I think an ideal program is one that develops more than one type of change, as you’ve pointed out with wanting to develop a program that combines individual and social change.

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